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Welcome to the LWUG! (aka the boot group)

LWUG is a free to use website designed to provide a central platform for those wishing to read (or post) about Day or Evening Walks in London and Southeast England.

Our Events Page now shows listings from the SWC (Saturday Walking Club), Inner London Ramblers, LWUG and some CLOG Events,
Each Listing contains a link to full details for that Event so you may choose and plan your next walk. 

Subscribers can also post a Walk on this site, or alternatively they can post a link to a Walk Event on another site.

If you decide to post a walk here, Start and End locations for your Walk can be selected from an autocomplete drop-down. 
What3Words, Grid Reference and Postcode information will be added automatically. (More locations can be added online as and when they are needed.)
You may also specify if your Walk is Led or Self guided.
You may make full details of your Walk available to everyone or just subscribers, (however everyone will be able to see the title and date of your subscriber only posts.)
You may use any Walk Routes that are available (subject to any copyright notices) or simply place all the Event details in your Post.
On Subscriber Only Walk Events, Posters can request that those who intend to go, click or tap to show their intention to do so.
You must not use your post to generate earnings for yourself, your club, group or organisation.

This site also allows Subscribers to create a new walk route online, to which they can add any GPS, PDF and Picture files (drag and drop). Relevant links to other sites may also be added.
LWUG recommends any walk documents are created under the definition which permits sharing (with attribution), but forbids commercial use.
This site also empowers all Subscribers with admin rights to manage page content (including this page) so the site can adapt to changes in these uncertain times.

So all in all what can you do here ?

Here's the summary of the stuff you can do ...
  • View recent and future Events and Comments posted here (and links and comments posted elsewhere).
  • View Walk Routes
  • Add your own Event (which can be public or subscriber facing) and modify/delete/deactivate/email about it up to midday on the day of the Event.
  • Add/Edit Locations used by walk routes (e.g. stations, bus stops, car parks, landmarks etc.)
  • Add/Edit a Walk Route and drag and drop any files associated with that walk onto the walk details.
  • You may also search all Events, Comments, Walk Routes and Locations
  • Have your say on any of the Blog threads
  • Peruse and download library documents
  • Finally, you may record your attendance on any Events or Event Link if you wish to attend (but this is completely optional at present).

Subscribing/Signing In

You'll need to Sign in (Subscribing first if necessary) to
  • post an Event (or a link to your Event)
  • create a new Walk Route
  • comment on any Walk Events or Walk Routes
  • post on the Blog channels
  • indicate you wish to attend an event
  • change site content
It's a troll 🧙 prevention thing.
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